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    CASIC and Rostec Sign Cooperation Agreement
    CASIC and Siemens Sign Cooperation Agreement
    CASIC Promotes Strategic Cooperation with Siemens
    CASIC and Siemens Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement Witnessed by Leaders of China and Germany


    On July 5, 2017, witnessed by President Xi Jinping and Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, Gao Hongwei, the Chairman of China Aerospace Science & Industry Co., Ltd. (CASIC) and Joe Kaeser, the President & CEO of Siemens AG (Siemens) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the fields of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing in Berlin. They will make joint efforts to establish a future-oriented industrial ecosystem based on the industrial cloud platform.

    In recent years, CASIC made every effort to establish an industrial Internet cloud platform --INDICS that supports the intelligent transformation, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing and was devoted to “information exchange, resource sharing, capability coordination, openness, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation” in respect of industrial enterprises. Siemens was devoted to electrification, automation, digitalization, and creating an open IoT operating system based on the cloud platform. On May 30, 2016, CASIC and Siemens signed a memorandum of understanding. Therefore, they made joint efforts to establish a working team and yielded fruitful results, laying a solid foundation for deepening cooperation between the two parties and improving cooperation levels. Based on the opportunities for cooperation brought about by “Made in China 2025” and “German Industry 4.0”, the strategic cooperation between the two parties is promising. Based on the strategic cooperation agreement, they will establish strategic partnerships in the fields of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing to give full play to their advantages, establish a future-oriented industrial ecosystem and cooperate in market exploitation to provide customers with values for industrial transformation and upgrading.

    In terms of establishing strategic partnerships with Siemens, Gao said that Siemens is the leader in intelligent manufacturing in the world, and CASIC has carried out a large number of innovative practices in the field of cloud manufacturing and is speeding up to establish a comprehensive data-driven innovation enterprise. I hope that we can take the opportunity brought about by the strategic cooperation agreement to make joint efforts to lead the trend of the era of information economy and establish an ecosystem for intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet. This will become a model for practical cooperation between China and Germany and will make due contributions to global economic transformation and upgrading.

    “Digitization and innovation are the keys to economic development in China. Siemens is willing to give full play to our leading advantages in industrial digitalization, completely tap the enormous potential of economic development in China and provide services for China.” Kaeser said, “Based on the cooperation agreement signed today, we will follow the pace of the digital era to promote the cooperation between Siemens and China to a new level.”

    Facing the future, the two parties will carry out strategic cooperation in respect of multiple platforms and levels in a wide range of areas to explore new models for achieving complementary advantages and win-win cooperation among large enterprises of China and Germany, create greater values for Chinese, German and global customers and make contributions to global economic development.


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